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Looped-End Mop Heads

These mop heads assure longer life and superior performance. Construction provides for less unraveling and linting. These mop heads are extremely durable and can be laundered repeatedly to maximize usage. Please allow for minimal shrinkage in length. Available in a variety of bands, colors, and sizes. Proves to be best value in long-run. Construction increases floor coverage dramatically. All looped-end mop heads are also available with wide mesh head bands.

NOTE: NB = Narrow Band, WMB = Wide Mesh Band

Looped-End Mop Heads

Cotton NB WMB
Small 00369 01369
Medium 00370 01370
Large 00371 01371
X-Large 00372 01372
Rayon NB WMB
Small 00373 01373
Medium 00374 01374
Large 00375 01375
X-Large 00376 01376
Cotton/Rayon/Synthetic Blends (Natural) NB WMB
Small 00377 01377
Medium 00378 01378
Large 00379 01379
X-Large 00380 01380
Color Blends (Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red) NB WMB
Medium Refer to price
Large list for item numbers.

Finishing Mop Heads (Striped Yarn)

These wet mops are specifically intended for applying floor finishes. This looped-end mop is made of a tight twist blended yarn easily discernible by its "candy-stripe" appearance.

Striped UPC
Small Finishing 00314
Medium Finishing 00315
Large Finishing 00316
X-Large Finishing 00317
Finishing Mops

Anti-Microbial Blue Green
Small 00180 00184
Medium 00081 00185
Large 00082 00186
X-Large 00083 00187

Highest Performance UPC
Medium "The Hammer" (100% Nylon) 00354
Large "The Hammer" (100% Nylon) 00349
The Hammer