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Window Washing

Solid Brass Window Squeegee
This professional window squeegee is made of high quality rust-proof brass construction with perfect balance and weight. For use on glass, mirrors, or tile. Comes with replaceable, streak free rubber blade.
18" Complete Unit 00688
Replacement Blade 00690
Solid Brass Window Squeegee

Golden Glove
Our most popular washer is built to last, with extra heavy synthetic pile, double-twist fabric and double seams at the sewn ends. For washing windows before you squeegee. Machine washable with Velcro fasteners. The professionals #1 choice.
18" Glove 00694
18" T-Frame 00696
Golden Glove

Steel Squeegee
14" Steel Squeegee 00722
14" Squeegee Refill 00723
16" Steel Squeegee 00724
16" Squeegee Refill 00725
18" Steel Squeegee 00726
18" Squeegee Refill 00727
Steel Squeegee

REA-C-H Extension Pole
4' – 8' REA-C-H Telescoping Extension Pole. With heavy duty gold anodized aluminum construction, which allows for years of corrosion free use, and 40% thicker than other poles this pole will out perform its competition. The fluting resists twisting and better gripping when wet. Threaded and tapered end allows for use with dusters and paint rollers, as well as squeegees and washers.
4'–8' 00685
9'–20' 00686
REA-C-H Extension Pole

Window Squeegee (Plastic Frame)
12" Window Squeegee 00644
16" Window Squeegee 00652
12" Window Squeegee Refill 00647
16" Window Squeegee Refill 00654
8" Auto Windshield Squeegee
Wood Handle, 26" overall 00676
Plastic Handle, 22" overall 00675
Window Squeegee

Window Cleaning Tools

Premium Floor Scraper, 4" Width
Comfort Grip Handle 00020
Window Squeegee
Premium Scraper Double Edge Blades
4" width 00021
Window Squeegee
Floor Scraper with 48" Handle
Retractable Blade Cover 00659
Window Squeegee
18" Standard T-Frame 00028
18" Standard Sleeve 00029
Window Squeegee
Two Section Extension Handle
4'– 8' 00027
Window Squeegee